We run an innovative Peer Mentoring Scheme which provides young people with opportunities to train and work as volunteer mentors at CYP, taking on responsibility, developing professional skills and becoming positive role models for the younger members of CYP. Young people receive a tailor-made training package to aid their personal and professional development. This has a positive impact for both young people and the wider community.

Our mentoring programme is unique because it allows young people to remain members but also take on roles of responsibility during their mentoring hours. It trains young people to understand and learn how to behave appropriately and differently according to our roles and the environment. The peer mentor programme is for Youth Volunteers who work alongside Youth Workers mentoring children and young people on all CYP projects. The role of a peer mentor is to capture information directly from children and young people as well as provide their own feedback on CYP projects. Through this process CYP receive a valuable youth perspective on our services and can develop new services that reflect need, interest, challenge, and progression.