A Jam Packed Summer

A Jam Packed Summer

Staying Closer to Home

As we were in a pandemic last year, still quite a triggering word, everybody at CYP was determined to make this a summer to remember.

So we’ve done a lot: Cally fest kicked it off, a mindful walk with the girls, the sports activities we did throughout the six weeks and a tour of Arsenal.

When we went to Hamstead heath, we found a nice spot, laid out our blankets/towels and sunbathed.

Some of us dipped our feet in the water, and others, the lads, fully embraced the water on what felt like a scorching day. The young people were messing about with a toy plane one of the boys brought. When our speaker died, we hijacked the music from a small group behind us…

An even trade for letting them play with our football. And can’t forget the BeReal we took as we were leaving.

We didn’t know what to do the day we went to Richmond. So, we all just got in the minibus and decided when we got halfway down the Cally. The bonding on the bus is always interesting to watch.

We went to Richmond and sat by the river, eating some McDonald’s. We did come across some characters, but overall, it was a great trip. Sometimes simple trips are the best.

We’re already thinking about the winter and everything we want to do.

Better get our skates on; not got long now.