Autumn at CYP

Autumn at CYP

For the past few weeks, we are slowly beginning to feel the shift of seasons. The young people find themselves more indoors more than anything. As it has been Black History Month, CYP have been running various events to mark the month. Most recently, a Black History themed quiz night. It seemed both staff and young people learnt something new that day. With various rounds going, the young people got into a competitive spirit to win the £20 vouchers that were on the line. At the end of it, the young people said they enjoyed it and pleaded we do something similar again next time.

In football-related news, the girls group have now started training and hope to be having some matches in the New Year. We would like to thank Havas for funding us so we can have brand-spanking new and sporty football kits!

Brand new kits funded by Havas!

Girl’s football match

Additionally, the CYP senior Football team have entered the Islington Mid-Week league for their second season.  Set up and run in collaboration with the senior young people from CYP, the team have started the season well with 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 defeat.

As you can tell, we’ve been having a very busy autumn and we can’t wait to see what the half term holds. Make sure you keep November 11th free as CYP’s Young Creators have been working with the Islington Faith Forum to organise and facilitate an online youth debate ‘Keeping Faith in a pandemic’ on 11th November at 6-7.55pm. Hosted by CYP youth volunteer Antonette, The Young Creators will be filming the event live on YouTube with a Q&A from the audience. To get involved, register by emailing