Back To School

Back To School

The good old days

In September, all the back-to-school ads come back on our TVs. Some young people are returning to school or starting their apprenticeships.

We were all complaining summer was over but reminiscing on the past years and when some of the older lots were in school helped us come to grips with some of the stories these lots have

School in lockdown

When we were in lockdown, the kids were laughing about finessing school.

One of the girls said she fell asleep in one of her classes and woke up to her teacher calling her name. And in another class, she fell asleep, she woke up and it was a classmate alone in the class, also sleeping, mind you.

Exclusion for selling crisps

When I was in school, I remember kids selling chips and drinks from their lockers, and it seems some young people have that entrepreneurial mindset. One of the boys told us how one of his friends was selling chips for £1 at school and got excluded when he got caught. However, he learnt a valuable lesson in business that day.

Frankie starts a food fight!

Another girl told us this story about how she gets away with little cheeky stunts in school. She started a food fight with a banana peel a few years ago. I guess St Jerome was right: ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop’.

Safe to say, the teachers will have A Lot on their hands with the young people at CYP this year. Good luck to everybody going back to school!