Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

Happy Black History Month everyone. We understand that the black experience cannot be and shouldn’t be acknowledged in only one given month; and that everyday we must all do the work to better understand how black history has come to impact our current society. However we will take this time to celebrate the cultures of our black brothers and sisters by showcasing their story, talents and success. That is why, everyday this month, we are showcasing one black youth (either a CYP member or staff) on our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you are following us so you can be the first to hear their stories and achievements. 

CYP will also be hosting many black history themed events, and last week we kicked off the month with a movie night at CYP! Young people made pizzas from scratch being lead by our cooking mentor Daisy.

Whilst that was happening, we put on ‘Coach Carter’ a movie based on a true story that explores how systems uses young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for their own victory without any real intentions of helping young people develop themselves. It explores how people survive in such systems, as well as how one person can make a big change by fighting for what they believe in. The young people all enjoyed both the movie and the pizza making. It was a very fun evening.

Pizza making before watching a movie!

We will be hosting more black history month themed events this month in our youth club, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled to our website or social media for the latest news on this!