Cooking Club

Cooking club caters for a disadvantaged community living on a low income and often surviving on fast food and processed meals. Young people get to access healthy food and nutrition information, and learn how to cook with fresh ingredients. It focuses on food preparation and cooking and eating in groups; we also aim to provide young people with education around healthier eating and the ability to work as part of a team.

It is commonplace for children and young people in this area to eat unhealthy food – unfortunately – many of our members are caught in a vicious cycle of poor eating habits for various reasons. The Cooking Club aims to intervene and break this vicious cycle by providing information, cooking skills, and opportunities to work, eat, and learn as a group. Through this process, they are challenged about their eating habits, understand the importance of good food, and become motivated to maintain healthier diets. It is proven that the bad behaviour of many children and young people living in deprived areas can be attributed to poor eating habits. Cooking Club will support them in maintaining good eating habits, positively impacting how they engage in school with their peers mainly due to improved concentration and positive energy.