From Cally Road to California

From Cally Road to California

It’s been a busy and exciting past few months here at CYP!

Last week Project Director Steve Griffith and CYP member and Trustee Ahmed Faid went on a very special trip to Los Angeles. Yes that’s right, CYP have officially gone global! They met with Facebook and Snapchat to discuss an exciting new project. Watch this space for more news.

Boarding a flight to L.A, it’s all possible; work hard, move intelligently, be passionate & believe, watch this space & follow the journey.

Steve Griffith

From sunny L.A to Cally Road we had a very productive Easter Holidays here.

Our Employability Advice Volunteer Sombo was on hand to help our young people with their CV’s for interviews at Green & Fortune.

Our young people have also been busy in the studio making music with the young creatives.

We also held a summer activities consultation with our young people in which many good ideas were shared.

Alongside all this, last month CYP were also shortlisted for NVCO’s (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) Photo competition. The photo ‘Bubble boy’ was taken by Christian Thomas and you may recognise it as it’s our feature photo on our website. Due to stiff competition unfortunately we did not win the contest but nevertheless we were well received by the conference attendees and some said it was up there as a potential winner.

This young Copenhagen Youth Project member lost his front tooth just before the annual Cally Festival but is still smiling as widely as ever, surrounded by bubbles.

His positive attitude reflects our resilience as an organisation. Even in times of difficulty and loss, we look to the future and make it bright.