Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

Despite the world being under a pandemic, that hasn’t stopped CYP members from enjoying themselves and doing lots of fun summer activities!

This year, we have had to do things a little bit differently and young people are now separated into groups so they are only mixing with the same young people. One of these groups so been involved in an art project every Tuesday and are exploring the theme “Being Human During COVID-19”.

Our members creative juices have definitely been flowing lately and some members have been involved with luxury baking every Monday. Last week they made some banana bread. As well as that, every Monday our young creators are hard at work creating their weekly podcast About Dat Chat and uploading music production tutorials on Youtube. Last week they taught you all how to make a basic track on Logic Pro X which you can watch here.

You probably all know that London has been having quite a heat wave this year, so young people are using the time to go out exploring on our Wednesday’s Bike & Sight. In the past few weeks, young people have been to Greenwich Park and the Natural History Museum.

Although we’re in the last few weeks of the summer holidays, there is still lots more fun planned for CYP members. All of our activities can be found on our summer timetable here.