Here Comes The Summer

Here Comes The Summer

With a few weeks of summer already gone, the young people have been able to start it off well. Thanks to Summerversity, Mondays and Tuesdays have been occupied with our Wellbeing Sports programme. Starting off with badminton, new comers come into the scene to experience what it’s like at CYP. From badminton, to cycling, to basketball, the sport aspect of this programme has finally been accomplished. There were some cancellations due to the weather, but nothing like a little adapting won’t cure. 

Playing badminton in the park @ Summerversity

We have finally used up our last training session with MW5 Fitness, a sad day to come as each session has been such an encouraging experience for the young people and the staff who attended. Even though thoughts of tiredness would creep up on the minds of our young people, perseverance left them feeling fresh and strong afterwards; all thanks to Martin Whitelock with his patience and great encouragement. 

Big shout out to the CYP Football Club with their first win during this summer holiday, coming out with a 2-1 against Drayton Park FC. We hope to keep this momentum up throughout the summer. 

Youth workers Kyle and Chelsea with young people at Alton Towers

It was a very exciting time for the majority of the young people as it was their first time at Alton Towers. With the rain dropping now and then, the young people successfully managed to attempt all rides in the time frame they were given. With some reading the map and keeping an eye on queue durations, their mission was complete. 

In addition to summer holiday madness, our youth workers have been busy getting involved with Music Education Islington’s Lockdown Legacy Event. Our Music Production Volunteer Guy Gormley, and Youth Worker Jennifer Uche were speakers at the event discussing everything video and music production.

Due to the weather being unsure of what it wants to be during this summer season, the young people have been great at adapting. Cancellations have never stopped them from doing what they want to do and we look forward to what else summer has to offer. All we ask if that we keep the sun in our prayers, for it really needs to be out more for the remainder of their holidays.