We aim to build education and focused learning into our recreational activities then, after an initial period of delivery and engagement, begin to create leadership opportunities involving more children and young people in the decision-making and running of activities at CYP. The key stages of our programme for young people are:

Enjoyment & Learning
Building awareness of learning & identifying change
Actively wanting to continue learning & building responsibility and resilience
Reaching key long term outcomes
We raise levels of motivation, helping children and young people to work towards more positive futures. The establishment of preventative programmes for children and young people with a special focus on the transitional period between primary and secondary education helps build responsibility, responsiveness and reliability within these individuals.

Last year we found that the young people CYP work with…

choose to direct their motivation towards a positive route

increased responsiveness to learning, improved understanding of consequences of behaviour

raised aspirations and actively wanted to learn 

Monitoring & Evaluation 

CYP is committed to effective monitoring and evaluation, to ensure that best practice, progression for young people and aims are being achieved. At every session, a register is taken (name, age, gender, ethnicity of all attendees) and detailed session reports are written by youth workers. This report includes aims, objectives, target indicators, progress and outcomes. All this information is uploaded by our youth workers onto our online monitoring system ‘Upshot’. This software allows us to set the expected outcomes for each young person and then measure them against the process.

We have also developed a method for user feedback which includes: questionnaires, recorded group discussions, one to one consultation, youth mentors feedback, targeted surveys, young people on the management committee, and youth member’s meetings.

Case Studies

I first started at CYP at 12 when I got involved in the Football Sessions and Youth Club. Over time, I realised that I wanted to become a youth worker. I started out as a mentor at CYP, then a trainee youth worker, and now an Outreach Worker.
As I was taught by the best youth workers, I now have a full time career in youth work which I love and want to continue for the future.


22 years old

My journey at CYP started since the age of 10, where I was involved with the football and holiday activities. CYP provided me the platform in becoming a Youth mentor, which allowed me to be a support to the youth in their personal, social and educational developments in order to help them reach their full potential in society. I am soon to graduate with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and have completed a placement at KLM Airline training to becoming a Licensed Aircraft Technician.


21 years old

I started using CYP when I was 14 to socialise with friends and access guidance. At CYP, I was able to lead the planning and development of a Young People Peace Garden in memory of a friend that was killed due to youth violence. This made me get a real interest in interior design. Using CYP’s contacts, I became a youth consultant for an architectural company. The architects should hopefully employ me full-time as part of the Kick Start Employment Scheme – which will be a huge opportunity! So, I thank CYP for all the opportunities and support.


17 years old

I am a CYP Volunteer who started coming to the project over 10 years ago. CYP means so much to me, it gives young people opportunities and supports them to do something special with their lives. CYP has opened so many doors for me. During all the years I have been with CYP I have become a mentor, then senior mentor and now I am a volunteer. I am so grateful to be part of CYP as it has helped me on the path to believe in myself and encouraged me to tell my story.


26 years old

I came to CYP aged 9 and I wanted to become an actor. I was always self-confident, but lacked focus and was distracted by football etc. CYP encouraged and helped me to realise my potential. I received a casting opportunity to be on Youngers on Channel 4, and got the role! From this opportunity I have now starred in many plays, TV shows etc. getting more and more roles. I now try and use my experience to support CYP and lead on all acting/drama projects.


23 years old

From the age of 9 I played football and participated in the broader CYP programme over the past 2 years. I spent a lot of time at CYP working on my employability skills, and received finance work experience at CYP with Theo. They also helped me to do an apprenticeship with Islington Council. I had a potential job opportunity at Red Bull but was unsure whether I wanted move on and lacked the confidence to go for it. CYP encouraged me to apply, I got the role and I’m now doing well at Red Bull!


23 years old