When in wales

When in wales

Last Friday, CYP went to wales to Water Fall Country!

Before Cyp, some of the young people took over the local MacDonalds to get their breakfast muffins. All with half-open eyes and huffing about how tired they were from ‘ having to wake up at ungodly hours ‘. I mean, what do you expect when you go to seel at 2 am. Cutting it very fine of time, we all marched to cyp for our strict 7 am call time.

The drive was lovely, but of course, most of the passages wouldn’t know as half the time they were sleeping or talking so much they didn’t take in much of the journey. Apart from, of course, the stopover where they were playing a game of rugby in the car park. I will say pe of the best hashbrowns was at that service station.


I can safely say the day was 70% hiking and 30% waterfall/swimming.

What I realised the next day is when hiking, you have to think hard about where you next put your foot or what rock isn’t sturdy.

There was a fall (no injuries), and there were a lot of scary bits that required us all to pull together and help each other.

It’s also crazy; as you can see in this picture, in the same place, everybody takes a different route and has a different approach to a challenge.

Cliff jumping

It’s safe to say that Albi stole the show on this trip, making Wales his playground. And the waterfall was the main attraction.

He still telling everybody about this front flip.

Considering how cold the water was, everybody got in at least once and then came out frozen; fun while it lasted, I guess