Youth debates, BLanguage, and Co-op Causes

Youth debates, BLanguage, and Co-op Causes

Even though the UK is in yet another lockdown, that still hasn’t stopped CYP supporting young people. We are still continuing to offer guidance and support in small groups, 1-1’s, and outreach on youth club evenings. Any organised events or activities with larger groups will be suspended until further notice. With that said, we are still making sure that our members are keeping busy, and last week two CYP members helped host the annual youth debate with Islington Faith Forum. In this hour-long debate, Armani Malone and Antonette Bowen gathered around with five other young people with different beliefs to discuss how their faith has been like during the pandemic. With Antonette mediating the panel and Armani handling the technical side of the debate, the young people managed to get a very interesting conversation going. As they debated, the young people at CYP supported them by tuning into their live feed and offering questions for the panel to answer. It was a great evening as we managed to hear young people’s perspective and insight on social issues from a religious and non-religious point of view.

As you may know, CYP is collaborating with Welcome Collection to add to their ‘Being Human’ exhibition. With things moving along, last Sunday, we finally managed to film everything that was needed for the exhibition. BLanguage, a curation brand that celebrates the black experience and its contribution to art, music, fashion and film, worked alongside us to capture the young people’s idea on how they perceived ‘Being Human during COVID-19’.
With Moses Santos-Gomes being the leading actor and Daniel Amoakoh as the Director of Photography, both managed to work together on set to bring to life something that was simply an idea. Special mentions to Iman Hussein, who is a Producer for Blanguage, for ensuring that everyone on set was looked after; Hasina Dabasia, Youth Programme Producer from Welcome Collection, who supported us throughout this process; and Armani Malone, a young person from the centre, who gave up his Sunday to assist during the shoot. Overall, the day was successful, and everything is now in its production phase. Keep an eye out for this space as in January the exhibition goes live.
Finally, we have been accepted by Co-op to take part in their Local Community Fund. That means every time you buy your Co-op own branded groceries we get a bit of extra cash! We are desperately trying to fund two new iMacs for our music studio, and would LOVE for you to help us by becoming Co-op members. To take part you need to:


1. Become a Co-op member if you aren’t already by going to 
2. Select CYP as your local cause at

It’s a no-brainer as not only do the Co-op donate 2% to us, they also give you back 2% off what you spend.

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