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#youthclub #basketball #sports #eveningout Great game from @LondonLions, against 🏀.
Thanks for the courtside tickets @LondonLions
Check out our job board profile for info on various opportunities - @CYP_JobBoard
Happy New Year!
If you need somewhere to hang and work, or would like to talk with one of our team, we have drop in sessions every Wednesday from 1pm - 3pm at CYP. Swing by if you need any extra support.
You can find us at 172 Copenhagen Street, N1 0ST or call on 07533617316.
Merry Christmas, one and all! Wishing you a fun and safe festive period! Have fun, folks! 🎄
Islington’s Faith Forum Youth Debate CYP alumni represent. ‘What Does Your Faith Belief Have To Say About Cancel Culture’. #CYPyouthled
It's #LivingWageWeek! As a Living Wage Employer, @CYProjectLDN understands how important it is to pay staff properly and fairly.
Join the @LivingWageUK movement today, and check out what's going on in this week's celebrations -
Living Wage Week Events

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Youth Club

Our core programme takes place four evenings
a week for young people aged 11-25

Boys’ Football

Our sports sessions for boys’ 
take place throughout each week.

Employability & Enterprise

Our employability programme focuses on offering informal support to young people looking to find employment or start their own business. 


Our peer mentoring programme trains young people to support each other., and provides them with work experience. 


Born out of the pandemic, our team of Outreach Workers go out in the community three times a week to support and look out for young people that may feel isolated or displaced.


Our fully equipped music studio is available for those wanting to make music. 

Girl’s and Young Women’s Session

 This session takes place weekly providing girls and young women a space to discuss, plan and lead on their own projects. 

CYP Senior Football Club

Senior CYP members have formed the CYP Senior Football Club and are competing in the Market Road League.


Drop-in sessions provide an opportunity for young people to meet with Youth Workers on a one-to-one basis or in small groups outside of regular Youth Club times.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme aims to support vulnerable children and young people to develop positive mental health and wellbeing.

Cooking Club

Cooking club gives young people the opportunity to learn how to cook with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people have to say about CYP:

CYP is full of positive, talented and caring people helping young people be the best versions of themselves.

I can’t think of a more rewarding place to volunteer.


CYP has given the chance for me to feel safe and free in this time of loneliness and confusion. I’m really thankful and happy that CYP has offered services during this pandemic.

Young Person

Because of CYP my sons’ gain independence and guidance to stay out of trouble from the area. CYP is a wonderful project and I am extremely thankful that my children are lucky to be able to attend.


It’s been a pleasure to fund CYP’s ‘Trauma Informed Outreach Programme’. The charity responded to new needs induced by lockdown, leading to improved mental health and access to crisis services for vulnerable young people.